Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Turbo - a small dog with big personality

To All Humanitarians,

If you are like me, and believe that life is the most precious
treasure not just to man, but to his best friend, then please
listen to Turbo’s story. On the 18th of September 2008,
my licensed dog (Turbo) was kidnapped from inside the
gated compound of my house by two men with a parang
like object. My neighbour, an eyewitness to the following
travesty, recounted to me how this was done the
following day. One of the men lured Turbo to the fence,
while the other climbedover the fence, grabbed him, and
subsequently passed Turbo to his accomplice. The men then beat
Turbo with the butt of the weapon to silence him, successfully
knocking him unconscious, or dead.

Before we realised that Turbo was dognapped, we thought
that he was simply missing, so we searched my housing area
till 1am the same day, but to no avail. The following morning,
I called the local council and was notified that my dog had been
caught by private dog catchers contracted by the Council.
I contacted the private dog catcher directly, whereupon
I was told that Turbo had died in a dog fight.

When the dog catcher gave me Turbo’s dead body back, I inspected it for
scratches or bites, but there was none. Our suspicions that
something wasn't quite right, was corroborated when my
neighbour later told me what he had witnessed. After a little
investigation into the private contractor, we found that this
company Vet-Fine (M) Sdn Bhd has all dog catching contracts
with all local councils.

You don’t have to have a pet, or even to love animals to
hear my words. If you are simply a decent human being,
with an appreciation for life and all that it encompasses, then
please, please help me. I am appealing to all humanitarians,
good Samaritans and anybody with a conscience and an
inkling of civic duty and morality: we have to stop these
contract killings. For each dog, these dog catchers received
payment from the local councils. It's questionable whether
these private contractors are properly certified or trained on
procedures with regards to dealing with stray animals, and
as such, making a quick buck is put above treating these
animals humanely.

I am calling on all councils to review your contracts with
these dog catchers – please, don’t reward savage behaviour.
These ‘rewards’just encourage them to flout the laws and steal
licensed dogs from their rightful owners, just to
turn a quick profit. This is wrong, unjust and criminal.

This task should be given to non-profit NGOs such
as the SPCA so that we can ensure that animals are
afforded their basic rights.

I appeal to all of you out there to stand up, and
lodge your complaint to protest this behaviour.
Spread the word that nobody has the right
to end another’s life, not on a whim, and not for
monetary incentives.

This contract killing has to STOP.

If you value life, speak up today, and give a voice to
those who don’t have one.

Alvin & Turbo Vong



Saggs said...

Looking at his live photos... I feel the loss for Alvin.

I hope he will heal soon.

Chub & Chum said...

Its so damm sad man.....jus cant understand how pple can bear to do such things. like the milk powder scandal, i wonder how these pple sleep at nite...

katztales said...

Disgusting! I hope you sue those people for trespassing, cruelty and everything else you can think of. And make a complaint against the company directors too.

katztales said...

PS linking to this post via my blog.

Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats said...

My deepest condolences for your lost. I have 4 cats and 1 dog on my own. I was horrified to read this post. Your neighbour should have video the whole event and send it to all newspapers, NGOs and tv news center.

Miilo said...

the cruelty of mankind. its saddening and im really sorry for your loss..i have 9 cats now and i dunno what ill do if i ever lose anyone of them to the cruelty of humans. i hope it all ends well for you.

Exquisite Lotus said...


I have read your blog, and am saddened by this event.

As a dog lover and owners of two dogs, I would like to alert my neighbours of these dog catchers, by printing and posting flyers to each house.

However, as a lot of my neighbours are Chinese educated, I was trying to get a copy of the report about Turbo in Sin Chew to attach to the flyer. The copy on your web is a bit too small font, and not readable when I put into the flyer. As my Mandarin is barely there, I have problems googling for the report on the web too.

If you or anyone can provide me a clearer softcopy of the report, that would be much appreciated. I'll also share out the final flyer to anyone interested in it.


Anonymous said...

I'm speechless and said to read Turbo's story :(

Anonymous said...

saman je

Anonymous said...

god damned! i own 3 dogs and to hear ur story and to see how cute Turbo was, it must be a very very big loss! we must stop this!

Anonymous said...

should kill that heartless bastards.. RIP doggy.. Hope ur in heaven with angels..

Anonymous said...

The killing is insane... the Killers are INSANE and STUPID. I am sorry you lost you beloved pet this way. I don't trust the people outside, so I keep all my pets indoors. The regular strays are no longer strays as I keep them in a big cage outside of the house.... better keep them safe that way...

Mabel said...

Mabel Khoo..I'm Deeply Saddened TO hear of YOur Loss..May Turbo Rest in Peace.. we Must DO SOmething About Thiss...I Can't Bear The thought of Having all those doggies killed in that manner..just beacuse those greedy and heartless human~!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyo. I have seen this kinda nastiness many many many thousands of times. Normally committed by American Companies whose white man boss dun like you because his pet female employee thinks u perform better than her.

Normally they will send their HR people to your home to give you a warning letter for kinds of bogus discipline action. And they will tell ur relatives, your parents all kind of BS and make it look real.

So a standard way of dealing with them is : 1. If you have Security Services. Just call them and kick these people out. 2. If you dun have, use a garden hose to spray them. 3. Prepare some shieldtox, ridsect and etc to be sprayed on them. No worries because after all you can always claim that they are coming to trespress on ur property and u acted in self defence. Or if u have can spray paint, SPRAY HIM, make sure u kena the eyes. If the dude is BLACK, spray him white, if he is brown skin, spray him black. In a way, we are helping him change his race and skin color. :)